When the topics of winter and driving safety come up, we normally immediately think about the issue of drink driving. Yet even for us teetotallers, there are plenty of aspects to improve on when it comes to driving safety and habits in order to minimise the possibility of our getting into any trouble. From brake inspections to good tyre condition, here’s how to stay on the right tracks this winter.

Get a brake inspection

Come the colder months, the rain and ice, you’ll want to know that your car is up to the task of maintaining control and traction throughout. Besides the fact of deteriorating driving conditions, regular brake inspections are highly recommended as a basic of your standard vehicle maintenance.

But aside from your regular brake inspections, you should also have them looked at should you experience any of the following:

• Unresponsive, ‘spongy’ brakes
• Directional pulling when you apply the brakes
• Unusual vibrations when you brake
• A lack of resistance when you place pressure on the brake pedal
• Illuminated brake warning lights on the dashboard for no obvious reason
• Unusual noises or squeaking when you brake

Be sure that your tyres are good to go

Winter weather means it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the state of your tyres. So check them regularly for pressure and tread depth. Firstly, maintaining the correct tyre pressure is important for a number of reasons. Under inflated tyres are prone to overheating, while over inflated tyres impact your traction. Also, going outside of the pressure guidelines as described in your vehicle handbook can also affect fuel efficiency, as well as induce extra wear and tear.

The condition of your tyres isn’t only a safety issue, it’s also a legal one. If the tread depth dips below 1.6mm, you could be caught, fined and lose points on your licence. So avoid any problems by being conscious of the issues, and keeping an eye out for any excessive wearing. At Highview Garage, we not only sell a range of high quality tyres, but also offer checks, fittings, and a puncture repair service.

Litter Bugs

Littering from your car isn’t just anti-social behaviour, it’s also against the rules, with offenders liable to pay an on-the-spot fine of up to £150. Drivers be warned, anti-littering laws are not only applicable to all kinds of rubbish thrown from your car (including cigarette butts), but are also not restricted to the driver; you could be fined for the littering habits of a passenger. To avoid any issues, we recommend always having a bag or container for rubbish available, and to not smoke in the car. Speaking of smoking….

No smoking indoors

As of 2015 it is against the law to smoke in a vehicle if there is a child (anyone under the age of 18) present. This includes even open-top vehicles, and it doesn’t matter if you are flying down the motorway or parked up in your driveway. So avoid a £50 fine and damaging a young one’s health by cutting out the smoking altogether.

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