Tyres: Tips & Recommendations

How to Choose the Right Tyre

The first thing to know is what size tyre you need. The size details can be found on the wall of your tyre or in the car handbook. This will detail the width of the tyre; the aspect ratio (its width to height given as a percentage); the diameter of the rim; the maximum load for each tyre; and the speed rating, which you can find in your car manual or call us when enquiring on tyre pricing and availability – 020 8361 8888.

Having established the correct size requirements of the tyre for your vehicle, you can decide on premium, mid-range or budget tyres. Here, bear in mind that premium tyres will last for 15,000 to 20,000 miles, versus budget tyres that will last up to around 8,000 miles. Also, budget tyres will not handle extreme weather conditions so well.

Another point to consider when selecting tyres, is your vehicle type. For example, cars, vans and 4x4w all require different types of tyre in order to perform to standard.

For more information on the correct tyre for your vehicle and needs, speak to our expert staff today on 020 8361 8888 and be sure to visit our special offers page for latest tyre offer.